CEA Civic Leadership Forum: “Diversity in Public Service”

Boston, December 5, 2017 – CivicEducation Alliance (CEA)’s second empowering Asian community lecture series continued at University of Massachusetts’s Boston campus, with the topicof “diversity in public service.” The first one took place at Harvard University, centering on the discussion of leadership and board member’s legal responsibilities in non-profit organizations. This event’s co-organizerincluding Asian Pacific Islander America Public Affairs Association (APAPA)’s Boston chapter and Civic Leadership Forum (CLFF), and it is sponsored by Boston International Media Consulting.

CEA has the mission to empower and engage minorities, providing resources and trainings to help Asian Americans move on and up, becoming leaders in corporations, government, or any field of interests.

CEA volunteer Siyuan Yin, a junior at Boston University studyingpublic relations, gave the audience an introduction to CEA and the event as the Master of Conference. She also introduced president Frank Poon and each of thefollowing guest speakers:

Frernande Duffly is the first Asian American to serve on the court. After years of dedicated work, her nomination to be the Chief Justice on the court was confirmed in 2011. She has Chinese, Indonesia and Netherland family background. When she admitted to Harvard, she noticed the unequal treatment against minority and woman in the law education. Since then, she has devoted to improving women’s power and diversity in this field.

Vatsady Sivongxay came to the U.S. as a refugee with her family whenshe was very little. Witnessed the hardship her family has encountered, she knows first-hand how a kind, supportive, and diverse community can break down barriers and open doors for the most vulnerable. Her life experiences drive her commitment to ensuring that all voices are heard and supported. She has contributed to the work of increasing affordable housing, strengthening local businesses, and improving access to quality early childhood education. She has also run for the 2017 Cambridge city council election.

Anping Shen, an influential educator, devoted his whole life in thefield of education. He has contributed to the development of public educationin both China and the U.S. He has provided opportunities to learn Chinese for children in the Newton county. He was the first Chinese to serve on the education committee and received many achievements for his effort.

The mission of this event was to bring together Asian Americans, providing them with valuable resources and networking opportunities. Mostimportantly, educate them about their rights and encourage more civicengagements. Although mainly focusing on the Asian American population, CEA’sservices are always open to everyone.

Before becoming an elected officials or appointed official,education is necessary. “We have to learn”, said Frank, “start with the community, serve as a board member of a non-profit organization first, then progress to the state assemblies, then U.S. Congress and so on.”

In the future, CEA will continue on the lecture series. Besides, CEA offers programs for all level, from young to the elderly, focusing on a variety topic such as cultural, leadership, education, overcoming generation gap and soon.

Civic Education Alliance (CEA)
Organizer of Civic Leadership Forum: “Diversity in Public Service”
Improve Civic Participation through Education, Engagement and Leadership Development.


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