Civic Leadership Forum (Past Event)

“What took you so long?!”…repeatedly quoted from Governor Brown to our beloved Maeley Tom and some of the guests who attended the Civic Leadership Forum.

While the applause and inspiring remarks are still ringing in our ears, we would like to thank Sandy Chau, Chairman of Vision New America who hosted the first Civic Leadership Forum last Saturday in San Mateo of the Bay Area. Attended by more than 50 civic and political API leaders from all over the country: From North and South California to Austin Texas, from New York, Washington D.C. to Central Florida. As Sandy stated that he trusted each one of us will bring a piece of the ignited passion and synergy to their own community and continue what we discussed. To serve as a catalyst, Vision New America would sponsor and provide consulting / coaching for those who would like to coordinate a similar Civic Leadership Forum in their communities. Together, we could create a national platform and pipeline for encouraging and equipping young Americans to become civic leaders in the near future.

Last Saturday was mainly targeted to API communities with the objective in cultivating more API participation to serve, support and learn the how-to. Main Speakers for the Forum were Fiona Ma of CA Board of Equalization, David Wu, former Congressman, Maeley Tom of California State Personnel Board and Mark Keam, member of the Virginia House of Delegate. All spoke from their heart, the Civic Leadership Forum was a very informative and interactive discussion on how to seek elective office and how to be appointed. All speakers shared their journey with wonderful insights and practical knowledge. They inspired so many passionate and intense conversations among guests at every corner of the dining hall. Vision New America would welcome funding proposals from various API community leaders and organizations to take on the challenge to rise up more civic leaders.

We have uploaded the edited video recording of the Civic Leadership Forum, the entire discussion and highlight of guests’ short speeches to our newly created web site for review and comment before we will upload to all social media. Kudos to Diana Ding and her team! They are working diligently to edit the recorded footage into short video clippings. We will send you the link for viewing as soon as it is available. Stay tuned.


Feb 18 2016


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