National AAPI Leadership Summit

The programming for the Organizing Institute starts today and will run for the next 4 days at 5 PM and 7:00 PM EST every evening.

This track will focus on providing individuals and organizations the skills they need to effectively organize and implement nonpartisan voter engagement programs.  We kick-off this track today with “Converting Data into Voting Power: A New Decade of AANHPI Empowerment” and “What’s the Gameplan for the 2020 Election.” Each session at 500 participants, so be sure to register on zoom or stream it live at [NOTE: Interactive sessions will not be streamed, so be sure to register in advance for access.] 

In addition, tune in tonight, Monday, June 29th and Tuesday, June 30th to PBS and watch “And She Could Be Next“, POV’s first broadcast miniseries that tells the story of a defiant group of women of color—candidates and organizers—who are transforming politics from the ground up. You can watch each episode on the PBS POV site starting at 9pm ET.

You can check out our watch party toolkit here, and our social media toolkit here. Also on Tuesday at 5:00 PM, APIAVote will feature our session with Grace Lee and other filmmakers in our session “Story Power: How to Use Film to Engage the AAPI Electorate.”

We hope to see you for the rest of our Summit! For more information on the sessions, visit, and click here to register

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