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The 2022 Q1 National Grant Review Committee Members

Kudos to our national grant review committee members for dedicating their time and expertise in this highly competitive cycle of the civic leadership grant program.

Their hard work will help our board identify the appropriate grantees, which might eventually be the significant contributors to impact the AAPI community in the future.

We are grateful for their insights and professional recommendations in this intense and thorough review process. Again, thank you for their collective efforts and all their valuable inputs in fine-tuning the program. 

The 2022 Q1 National Grant Review Committee Members’ bios & photos; please click here.


Civic Leadership USA – 2019 National Internship Essay Contest

Civic Leadership USA – 2019 National Internship Essay Contest

Purpose of the Essay Contest:

Although Asian Americans are high achievers in many areas, our civic participation levels are relatively low when compared to other ethnic groups. CLUSA is pleased and highly encouraged that up to 30 AAPI organizations nationwide and approximately 240 outstanding young men and women are participating in this year’s Public Service Internship program. The 2019 Internship Essay Contest by CLUSA is open to all the interns to join and share their amazing experiences and stories


The purpose of this Essay Contest is to:

  • Encourage the interns to be more civic-minded
  • Stimulate participants to observe, contemplate and to gain more from their internship experience
  • Encourage other young people to join and contribute to public service by sharing personal, first-hand stories with them



The contest is open to all 2019 CLUSA internship grant participants. Only one essay per participant(intern).


Essay Topic:

Contestants are encouraged to use their own internship experience this year to write about:

  • Why civic engagement and public service is important to our society
  • Their internship experience and their own journey towards civic engagement or public service
  • Why AAPI must be more civic engaged
  • Role models in public service/civic engagement they may have met during the internship
  • Inspirational stories and personal experiences in this year internship program


Essay Length:

Essays should be about 500 words in length.


Other Guidelines:

  • Plagiarism is not allowed.
  • Essays must be written in English.
  • Using the link provided below to submit your work in a Microsoft Word document.
  • You may include images/illustrations/diagrams in your work, mainly if they illustrate the topic or your ideas.


You can enter the Essay Contest from July 15 – August 31, 2019.

The final essay must be submitted by August 31, 2019.

The judging period is from September 1 – 30, 2019.

Winners and Prizes will be announced in early October 2019.


Judging and Essay Review Committee:

Joel Wong, Chair, CLUSA Editorial Committee

Sandy Chau, CLUSA Founder and Chair

Congressman David Wu, CLUSA Vice Chair

Diana Ding, Founder and CEO DingDingTV

Dr. Michael Chang, APALI Founder and Executive Director

Anthony Le, APALI Deputy Director

Anthony Ng, CLUSA Executive Director

Qing Bai, CLUSA Director of Admission and Education

Wen Yuan, CLUSA Director of IT and Communication

Chuck Ng, CLUSA Director of Community Outreach and Development

Other Judges invited from the grantee organizations and the AAPI community



First Prize (1) – $ 500

Runners Up (2) – $ 300

Third Prize (3) – $ 100

Merit Awards (up to 20) – $ 50

All Essay Participants will be awarded a CLUSA Certificate of Merit for participation.

Selected Essays will be published on the CLUSA website, promoted on Facebook, DingDing TV, and other public media.


How to Enter:

Please click the link below and follow the specific instructions to participate.



Please contact Qing Bai, Director of Administration & Education, CLUSA


Phone: 1-408-2508436


A Letter from CLUSA

Mar 23, 2020

Dear all:

Earlier last week, we announced that Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA) will begin telecommute & work from home for all staff and cancel/reschedule all major in person gatherings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about what we’re facing and how CLUSA is responding.

Right now, our role as a catalyst in civic engagement (train & connect) has not change but the implementation is rapidly shifting and we are striving to make the best decisions with two goals in mind: (1) Protect our grantees/community partners, employees and their families; (2) Do the best we can to serve all our grantees and community partners who are looking to us for support of civic leadership forum and internship grants to stay connected, as well as participate in our ongoing training/meeting webinars.

We are turning to our IT department and some current & potential community partners who provide distant learning platform for help. To get the technology that allows us to continue our Civic Leadership Forum/Internship training and shift our usual gathering from an office setting to our home. You are turning to us to continue the momentum of building the relationship between local government & local communities, civic leaders and a national AAPI coalition in civic engagement. In short, a pipeline for AAPI civic leaders who will run for public offices, in addition to cultivate civic engaged leaders in various industries.

With these needs in mind and given our commitment to keep our employees and grantees/community partners safe, we are conducting all our programs/training/meetings from home beginning this week until further notice. We are also working to enhance our grant making and training webinar services and strongly recommend you take advantage of this whenever possible.

We are in a difficult time and find ourselves in uncharted waters. My best wishes to you and your family as we navigate the days ahead together.

Serving together,

Anthony Ng

Executive Director

Civic Leadership USA

San Diego Civic Leadership Forum


Civic Leadership Forum: How to Run a Successful Campaign

On Jan. 13th, Civic Leadership Forum was organized by APAPA and CLUSA at Ding Ding TV Studio. First-time elected officials shared their campaign experiences with attendees, and it was a great experience to learn from each other.
  • Anthony Ng, Executive Director, Civic Leadership USA
  • Gilbert Wang, Foothill-De Anza Community college Board
  • Andy Li, Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board
  • Rosa Kim, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Jerry Liu, Cupertino Union School District Board
  • Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Shawn Kumagai, Dublin City Council
  • Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council
  • Sabina Zafar, San Ramon City Council

Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Interview – Anthony Ng


News Video

Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Anthony Ng Presentation


2018 CLUSA Leadership Retreat – Trailer

Leaders from civic engagement organizations around the United States gathered at Ding Ding TV in Santa Clara to share their stories and network with each other. The event was organized by Civic Leadership USA. Organizations represented include APAPA, CLUSA, APALI, UCA and more. CLUSA founder and chair Sandy Chau emphasized the importance of having a sense of urgency in everything we do. “The world is changing. Every day, we have to learn how to survive in this new world.” By adopting and maintaining a sense of urgency, not only are the chances of success higher, but time and resources are saved. CC Yin, the founder of APAPA, sees this event as a historical moment because his generation has paved the way for the current generation to have the opportunities to do the same for the next generation. Everyone’s continued efforts will allow the path to success continue for future generations to come.


Civic Leadership Forum – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Bay Area Civic Leadership Forum – How to Run a Successful Campaign

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