2022 Civic Internship

The 2022 Civic Internship Program Grant RFP Guidelines

Grant Objectives:
  • To build strong relationship between government and Asian Pacific Islander American community
  • To train, empower and connect Asian Pacific Islander American students in civic engagement
  • To develop Asian Pacific Islander American civic leaders and build network and pipeline of Asian Pacific Islander Americans in government offices
  • Organizations must verify their eligibility before they submit proposals. Please use the organization verification link to do so.
  • Grant applicant needs to have or plan to have a civic internship program in 2022, which trains and empowers high school students and/or college students and/or graduate school students in civic engagement area and places them in government/government agency/legislative offices for at least 80 hours of the internship each student (we can allow no more than 25% of the interns in the program to do government related/civic engagement internship in nonprofit nonpartisan organization verified by us)
Grant Application:

For any proposal request less than $10,000, we have a simplified process with application link here.

If you have special budget requirements, or intend to apply for grants more than $10,000, you can choose the standard application form. You will be required to list detailed budget items, and at least 1-1 match of the funding. Please check the application link here.

Grant Application Deadline & Review Process:

Application deadline: For summer internship program, proposal needs to be submitted by 5pm Pacific Time, April 30th, 2022, if you have a different internship program timeline, please reach out to us.

CLUSA board will review and approve/reject the grant applications. An email with the result will be sent to each applicant individually. Official awards will be announced all together on CLUSA website after CLUSA June Board meeting.

Additional Support:

CLUSA will provide a centralized online training course for civic internship students and their trainers:

  • For organizations with well-established internship training program, you can continue with your own student training
    For some organizations, you can mix your own training with our centralized training if needed
  • For organizations having difficulties to find student training resources, especially for new internship programs, you can fully utilize our centralized training resources. If you have any difficulties in finding internship placements or recruiting students, please reach out to us.*

*An RFP Q&A session (online) will be provided on March 5th, 2022 at 9am Pacific Time which can walk you through the application procedure and answer any questions you may have. 

* This video recording is for you to watch if you didn’t attend this virtual webinar on March 5th, 2022.

Grant communication:
  • An online RFP Q & A session is available for all applicants on Mar 5, 2022 at 9 am Pacific Time. Please register here.
  • Applicants can schedule phone/Zoom meetings with CLUSA staff before proposal deadline (5 PM PCT of Apr 30, 2022) for any inquiry and assistance from program staff‘
  • Grantees need to communicate with CLUSA program team for updates, any changes, final reports in a timely manner

Any inquiries, please contact or

Qing Bai, Director of Internship Program at: or call 1-408-250-8436


Civic Leadership Forum: 《爸爸妈妈们,如何说话,青少年才会听》—曾经的青少年举办Parents Workshop

时间:April 17,2021 4pm PST




我们知道那是怎么一回事,因为我们就是那些曾经的青少年!我们现在是Young Adult,都来自湾区,分别毕业于哈佛,斯坦福,伯克利大学。我们愿意与各位华裔家长合作,帮助家长和青少年更好地了解彼此,并建立健康的亲子关系。






(Carl Shan)5岁那年随父母由北京来到湾区, 他在两种不同的文化中长大,青少年期间与父母有很多冲突,有很多困惑。 如今,28岁的卡尔成熟了,也积累了很多智慧。他自愿担任亲子关系工作坊负责人,以帮助父母了解他们的青少年,并建立更牢固,健康的关系。 他曾担任3年的高中老师,积累了很多支持青少年又让他们承担责任的心得。 他的工作坊已吸引1,500多位家长参加。


Carl Shan is the son of immigrants from mainland China. His family moved to the Bay Area when he was 5 years old. He grew up navigating the two different cultures, and often fought with his parents. Now that Carl is an older (and slightly wiser) 28 years-old, he volunteers as a workshop leader to help parents understand their teens and build stronger, healthier relationships. He spent 3 years working as a high school teacher, where he developed many techniques for supporting teens while holding them accountable. He holds a BA in Statistics from UC Berkeley and works as a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn. His workshops have reached over 1,500 parents.


(Christie Lin)在湾区和台北长大,毕业于哈佛大学。 在大学期间,她遇到了一些亚裔同学,尽管他们看起来都很”成功”,但在精神健康方面仍然很挣扎。 他们的许多挑战都来自于与和父母的关系,她开始意识到年轻人的心理健康的重要性。

 毕业后,克里斯蒂(Christie)回到了湾区,工作之余参与RICE,与父母分享了第二代的经历。 她现在在BetterUp工作,该公司是一家通过教练帮助个人建立自我意识和沟通技巧的创业公司。

Christie Lin grew up in the Bay Area and Taipei before moving to the East Coast to attend Harvard. While in college, she encountered many Asian American peers who struggled with mental health despite their outward “success.” Many of their challenges were tied to their relationships with their parents, and she began to see intergenerational communication as critical to the mental wellbeing of many young adults. After graduating, Christie moved back to the Bay Area, where she ran panels and other initiatives to share the 2nd generation experience with parents. She now works at BetterUp, a startup that helps individuals build self-awareness and communication skills through coaching.

Cat Xu的大部分时间都在湾区度过–她在Cupertino长大,毕业于在斯坦福大学human-computer interaction专业,现在居住在旧金山在LinkedIn担任产品经理(远程)。 她热衷于弥合两代之间的鸿沟,并致力于在亚裔美国人家庭中建立健康而充实的关系。 她认为,良好的沟通是建立良好关系的关键,她曾在中国和旧金山举办过沟通研讨会。

Cat Xu has spent most of her time in the Bay Area – she grew up in Cupertino, studied human-computer interaction at Stanford, and now lives in San Francisco where she works (remotely) as a product manager at LinkedIn. She’s passionate about bridging intergenerational gaps, and building healthy and fulfilling relationships within Asian-American families. She believes good communication is the key to a good relationship, and has taught communication workshops in China and San Francisco.

Chloe Lim:

Chloe在东湾长大,毕业于加州大学伯克利分校,学习统计和计算机科学,现在在一家非营利性科技公司担任高级软件工程师。 十几岁的时候,Chloe与母亲在小事上经常反复吵架,关系很不好。 现在,她在花了很多年改善与父母之间的关系并治愈了她青少年时期的伤口之后,她热衷于帮助其他家庭重建他们的家庭关系。 她之前曾在湾区与父母一起举办过研讨会,探讨如何跨越代际和文化鸿沟与青少年建立联系。

Chloe grew up in the East Bay, studied Statistics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and now works as a Senior Software Engineer at a nonprofit tech company. As a teen, Chloe had repeated awful fights with her mother over small things and felt a deep loss of connection. Now, after having spent many years improving communication with her parents and healing wounds from her teenage years, she is passionate about helping other families similarly rebuild their relationships. She has previously conducted workshops with parents in the Bay Area on how to connect with their teenage children across generational and cultural gaps.




Civic Leadership Forum-Summer

Civic Leadership Forum-What are the challenges facing Asia Americans?

Asians have been in the US from the very beginning in 1849. In 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act was a direct result of Civil Rights movements lead by Martin Luther King Jr. Most of us would not be here if it weren’t for the Civil Rights movement of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s influencing the passage of the Immigration Reforms of 1965. We need to learn to work with the other minorities to form a coalition to influence the political system.

Dance Performance: Inspiring dance performance from the top Indian American dancers at Abhinaya Dance Company will present “I Have A Dream”, the life of Martin Luther King to all attendees.

 When: May 3rd, 2019  / Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Ding Ding TV  / Address: 3350 Scott Blvd. Bldg 54, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Keynote Speaker:

Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph.D. Data Scientist, Institute for Data-Driven Public Policies

Topic – All Boats Are Lifted When Water Rises: Asian Americans Must Work Together To Achieve Multi-ethnic Democracy.


Joel Wong: CLUSA editor, President 80-20 National Asian American PA C


Soma Chatterjee: Diversity Ambassador, India Currents

Cathy Peng: CEO at ROCS Global

Angelica Cortez: Director, Investor Relations & Strategic Coalitions at Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Civic Leadership Forum-Hidden Heroes

Common heroes from Indian and Chinese communities talk about social responsibility.

How can you help others without money? Would you risk your own life to help strangers in danger?

We invite two heroes, Nathan Ganeshan and Liu Lei, from both Indian and Chinese communities in this quarter’s civic leadership forum.

Speaker 1: Nathan Ganeshan – Founder & President of the Board of Community Seva Inc.

Nathan & his family started serving hot pizza to the homeless during special family occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Over a period of time, friends and family began to join him in this endeavor. As he began to notice the interest amongst his close circle to feed the homeless, Nathan decided to found Community Seva Inc. in June 2013.


Speaker 2: Chinese hero Liu Lei – CEO of Vanguard Auto Repair and Body Shop

Fremont resident, Lei Liu, took BART train to San Francisco to watch New Year Eve fireworks. Then, he discovered a black male passenger carrying two handguns. Liu informed the train driver and called 911 at Powell Station in San Francisco. Police arrested the suspect on train at the station within a few minutes after his calling.

Our focus for this forum is to show our next generation how to take the responsibility and build a better communities in the future.We invite two heroes from communities to talk and share what they have done for communities.

Date/Time: March 15th. Supper will be served at 5:30pm, event will start at 6:00pm, end at 7:30pm.

Location: Ding Ding TV. (Free Parking Lot)


Civic Leadership Forum: National Security and the Asian American Community A Two Part Series



Civic Leadership Forum: How to Run a Successful Campaign

On Jan. 13th, Civic Leadership Forum was organized by APAPA and CLUSA at Ding Ding TV Studio. First-time elected officials shared their campaign experiences with attendees, and it was a great experience to learn from each other.
  • Anthony Ng, Executive Director, Civic Leadership USA
  • Gilbert Wang, Foothill-De Anza Community college Board
  • Andy Li, Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board
  • Rosa Kim, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Jerry Liu, Cupertino Union School District Board
  • Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Shawn Kumagai, Dublin City Council
  • Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council
  • Sabina Zafar, San Ramon City Council


NaFFAA SoCal CLF Final FlyerNaFFAA SoCal CLF Final Flyer


Civic Leadership Forum: Dialogue With the Government in Houston on 2018.09.22

Some of the links (E: English; C: Chinese-US; H: Chinese-Houston) about the forum as below:

E1: “Houstonians respond to Asian-Americans being increasingly targeted in economic espionage cases”,

E2: “Asian Americans need to be extra careful with economic espionage charges”,

C1: “休斯頓舉辦「經濟間諜調查對亞裔的影響」教育論壇”,

C2: “执行趋严,如何保护自己?休斯敦举行“间谍案调查对亚裔社会影响” 谈”,

C3: “嚴查亞裔經濟間諜 自保有訣竅”,嚴查亞裔經濟間諜-自保有訣竅.

C4: “FBI調查「千人計劃」律師籲華人自律保仕”,

H1: “9月22日在 Crowne Plaza 舉行間諜調查對亞裔社區的影響教育論壇”,月22日在-crowne-plaza-舉行間諜調查對亞裔社區的影響教育論/






Indiana Civic Leadership Forum Program Book

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