2020 National Civic Leadership Forum

2020 NCLF-Political Engagement of South Asian Americans: 2020 and Beyond


Political Engagement of South Asian Americans: 2020 and Beyond Conditions in our country are deteriorating rapidly. History teaches that Asian Americans have been discriminated since 1870’s, 2020 is no exception, If the current trend continues, history will repeat itself and many law-abiding residents of color and their families will suffer. The only way to minimize the risk is to be a decision maker. Asian Americans are needed in the Congress, at the state level, at the county level or on any local boards. In 2020 we have the highest number of South Asian Americans running for office. It is our civic duty to listen to what they bring to the table, listen to their ideas and if they are aligned with the goal of promoting Asian Americans interests, we join their cause. Further, there is a need to educate the majority of Asian Americans who do not engage in elections. Lastly, we reach out to other organization of color such as African Americans and Mexicans . This unity will minimize the omnipresent racial discrimination that we have faced. It will pave way for the next generation to grow up in a society where they are not judged by the color of the skin, but rather are appreciated because of what they bring to the table. A book not judged by its cover but by its content.
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