2020 National Civic Leadership Forum

2020 NCLF-Voices from Both Sides: Policy Issues Impacting AAPI

Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) remain the fastest growing populations in the United States, at a rate of 46% and 40%, respectively, between the year of 2000 and 2010. This stands in comparison to a 10% population growth rate nationally.* While New York, California, and Hawaii have the largest APA populations, states that have seen the fastest-growing populations of APAs in recent years are Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina. Nevada has seen a 140% increase in the APA population since 2000, 123% in Arizona, and a 115% increase in North Carolina.* National Civic Leadership Forum is thrilled to have the Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris representatives to talk about the following important APA issues:

Social Justice, Race Relations, and the American Value Jobs and Economy Education

Derek Uehara Radio Talk Show Host and Community Leader, Former White House AAPI Council

Ravi Chaudhary Deputy Director for Coalitions, Biden-Harris for President in the State of Virginia

Jennifer Carnahan Chairwoman, , Republic Party of Minnesota, White House AAPI Council

Joy Guo Co-Founder, HGInnovation Ventures

Herman Martir White House Initiative on AAPIs, APAs For Trump Advisory Council, Commissioner

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