Congratulations on your decision to apply for our grants. We warmly welcome organizations with a passion for civic leadership to apply. To accomplish our mission, goals, and objectives, we provide the following civic leadership matching grants as a social investment to form strategic partnerships.

Public Service Internship Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA) public service internship program. We have awarded 14 organizations in our 2021 grant cycle.  The awarded grantee organizations list

We have outsourced the 2021 public service internship grant administration to one of our grantees, Civic Leadership Academy(CLA), a new nonprofit we supported, starting on June 1st, 2021. The transition announcement.

CLUSA is focused on developing new and comprehensive grants guidelines for 2022 which will be announced in this Fall. You may contact us at if you have any questions about other grant opportunities for 2022.

Any inquiry about the 2021 Public Service Internship grants activities and training schedule, please contact the program team at CLA ( &

Civic Leadership Forum Grant

The principal activity of CLUSA is to sponsor Civic Leadership Forums aimed at training Asian Americans to participate in the political process and our civic life. The Forums are non-partisan and inclusive of all Americans regardless of ethnic group or country of origin.

The forums have a focus on collaboration and are grassroots foundational. We have conducted over 70+ Civic leadership Forums in 15 States and 30 cities in the last five years and raised the awareness of civic engagement in APIA communities.

Letter of Intent (LOI) – one page LOI (executive summary & request amount); review on a monthly basis.

Proposals – are reviewed on a quarterly basis and “by invitation only”.

Please note: Invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding, please do not incur any expense in implementation before you receive a written official approval letter; a signed grant agreement from CLUSA.

N.B. – Rolling deadline year round with Monthly for LOI and Quarterly on full proposal.

Capacity Building Grant (By Invitation Only)

Sustainability and leadership succession are crucial factors for healthy organization. It’s a highly selective and strategic social investment for CLUSA to identify and support nonprofits that in line with our mission and have a strong impact on civic engagement for the community they served. The matching and challenge grant is to build its organizational capacity in order to survive and thrive with a strong infrastructure and resource development capability.

Some of the organizations that we support:

   • APALI-Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute: Leadership Training

   • UCA-United Chinese Americans: Mental Health Education

   • AAUC-Asian American Unity Coalition: National Civic Leadership Forum

Please note: This grant is by “Invitation Only” not for all applicants.

CLUSA Technical Assistance Grants (TA Grants)

These are professional services provided by either CLUSA team members or community partners as follows:

  • Media Service Grants

  • Web Site Development Grant

  • Strategic Planning Grant

TA grants are reviewed and awarded on a quarterly basis with a monthly Letter of Intent (LOI) rolling deadline. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.

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