13th National Empowerment Conference

Transforming Meetings

So many people attend so many summits. So many people attend the same ones every year or so. Many performers share their talent, many speakers share their mission.

But for me, the most important type of sharing, are the ones you have in between sessions, and hopefully in between summits, after you have made a meaningful connection to someone you sat next to or bumped into while attending one of these conferences or gatherings.

We thank our corporate sponsors and donors for helping us offer a highly-subsidized, three-day conference where we can exchange ideas and suggest improvements for our community to do better.

In what other venues can you say you were heard by elected officials and appointed delegates who can elevate your voice and advance your concerns to key decision-makers all around the country?

From voting rights to gender issues to causes that improve our state, we meet and greet with people who took the time and effort to personally have a dialogue with us those days. We hope and pray you’ll make meaningful connections and get a dose of inspiration from people who care that our individual successes become our collective empowerment.

Whether you’ll be present or absent, near or far, help NaFFAA continue its mission of leadership development, civic engagement, and community empowerment.

So that we may continue to provide venues, means and ways for all of us to have #transformingmeetings with one another.

Carissa Villacorta
Incoming Executive Director

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