We came a long way in a short time but still have a long way to go. Let’s be persistent until we are consistent.

Below is a list of Federal, Statewide, and State office winners:


Kimberly Yee
Amish Shah

Judy Chu

Doris Matsui
Ami Bera
Ro Khanna
Ted Lieu
Mark Takano
Betty Yee
Fiona Ma
David Chiu
Robert Bonta
Phillip Ting
Kansen Chu
Ash Kalra
Evan Low
Vince Fong
Ed Chau
Sydney Kamlager-Dove
Phillip Chen
Al Muratsuchi
Steven S. Choi
Tyler Diep
Richard Pan
Janet Nguyen

William Tong
Tony Hwang

Stephanie Murphy
Anna Eskamani

Bee Nguyen
Sam Park
Sheikh Rahman

Lou Leon Guerrero

Michael San Nicolas

Mazie Hirono
David Ige

Tulsi Gabbard
Mark M. Nakashima
Richard H.K. Onishi
Joy San Buenaventura
Troy Hashimoto
Kyle T. Yamashita
Lynn DeCoite
Nadine Nakamura
James Kunane Tokioka
Dee Morikawa
Mark J. Hashem
Bertrand Kobayashi
Calvin K.Y. Say
Scott Y. Nishimoto
Tom Brower
Dale Kobayashi
Della Au Belatti
Sylvia Luke
Scott K. Saiki
Takashi Ohno
John M. Mizuno
Daniel Holt
Romy Cachola
Aaron Johanson
Linda Ichiyama
Sam Satoru Kong
Gregg Takayama
Roy M. Takumi
Val Okimoto
Ryan I. Yamane
Henry J.C. Aquino
Ty J.K. Cullen
Rida Cabanilla
Sharon Har
Stacelynn Kehaulani Eli
Cedric Asuega Gates
Lauren Kealohilani Matsumoto
Sean Quinlan
Lisa Kitagawa
Scot Matayoshi
Noe Galea’i
Kaiali’i Kahele
Dru Kanuha
Lorraine R. Inouye
Jamie Kalani English
Sharon Moriwaki
Breene Harimoto
Clarence K. Nishihara
Michelle N. Kidani
Maile S.L. Shimabukuro
Jarrett Keohokalole


Susan “Sue” Chew


Raja Krishnamoorthi
Theresa Mah
Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz
Ram Villivalam

Nima Kulkarni

Jay Jalisi
Lily Qi
Kumar Barve
David Moon
Kris Valderrama
Mark Chang
Clarence Lam
Susan Lee

Tackey Chan
Donald Wong
Tram Nguyen
Rady Mom
Sonia Chang-Diaz
Dean Tran

Padma Kuppa
Stephanie Chang

Tou Xiong
Fue Lee
Kaohly Her
Jay Xiong
Samantha Vang

Latha Mangipudi
Julie Radhakrishnan
Aboul Khan

Andy Kim

Grace Meng
Yuh-Line Niou
Kevin Thomas
John Liu
Ron Kim

Nasif Majeed
Jay Chaudhuri
Mujtaba Mohammed

Niraj Antani

Cyndi Munson

Patty Kim

Angie Chen Button
Gene Wu
Hubert Vo

Karen Kwan
Jani Iwamoto

Bobby Scott

Pramila Jayapal
Cindy Ryu
Mia Gregerson
Sharon Tomiko Santos
My-Linh Thai
Vandana Slatter
Monica Jurado Stonier
Joe Nguyen
Steve Hobbs
Manka Dhingra

Josh Kaul

Mike Yin

A special congratulations to the Hmong Community for electing 11 candidates to office in Minnesota, California, and across the nation!

Samantha Vang, MN House District 40B

Jay Xiong, MN House District 67B

Kaohly Her, MN House District 64A

Tou Xiong, MN House District 53A

Fue Lee, MN House District 59A

Steve Ly, Elk Grove, CA Mayor

Adam Yang, MN Second Judicial District Court House 11

P. Paul Yang, MN Second Judicial District Court House 20

Thai Vang, NC District Court 20A

Sheng Thao, Oakland, CA City Council

Kou Thao, Tracy, MN City Council

Congrats to the Vietnamese community who has built strong representation in Southern California, Washington, and across the nation:


Xavier Nguyen, Westminster School District board

Khanh Nguyen, incumbent re-elected to Westminster School District board

Janet Nguyen, a California state senator 34th District was re-elected

Tyler Diep, vice mayor of Westminster elected to the 72nd Assembly district

Michael Vo, Fountain Valley mayor who was re-elected to the City Council

Phat Bui, an incumbent re-elected to the Garden Grove City Council

Thu-Ha Nguyen, incumbent re-elected to the Garden Grove City Council

Lan Quoc Nguyen, Garden Grove school board member

Dina Nguyen, a former Garden Grove council member re-elected to the Orange County Water District

Andrew Nguyen, a former Westminster School District board member elected to the Midway City Sanitary District board


Joe Nguyen, elected to State Senate, WA34

My-Linh Thai, elected as state representative in the 41st legislative district

Please feel free to add those we missed in your district for a more comprehensive APIA directory.______________________________________



Asian USA 2018 Leadership Summit in Washington DC

There is an African proverb that goes “If you want to go fast, fly alone. If you want to go far, fly together.” CLUSA founder and chairman, Mr. Sandy Chau, referenced this quote during his opening speech at this year’s Asian USA 2018: Asian American & Pacific Islander Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. With 6% of American being Asians, he emphasized the importance of being able to unite the Asian communities around the US in order to create a bigger impact. If one Asian community is one bird, then many birds flying far would be the equivalent of multiple Asian communities uniting for a common purpose. ” Asians have a lot of contributions to this country but haven’t gotten recognition. Many Asian people work so hard but haven’t gotten equal opportunities. That’s why we should work together and make some changes.”
Following Mr. Chau with her own opening speech was the CEO, Sue Van, from Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. She also emphasized the importance of representation, especially in office. Over the last few elections, there has been an increasing in the number of AAPI in public office, specifically the House of Representatives and the Senate. By increasing the level of civic engagement within communities, more AAPI will be inclined to run for office and not only add to the current number of AAPI in office, but will maintain that representation when the current members step down from offices.
When people hear the term DNA, they tend to think of the genetic term. To Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of public policy and political science at UC Riverside as well as the founder of AAPIData, DNA refers to Data (and technology), Narrative, and Action (ex. advocacy and civic engagement). To be successful in anything, one needs to apply all three into their plan to be successful.
 On September 6th, 2018, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV covered the Asian USA 2018: Asian American & Pacific Islander Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. This event was hosted by Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA) in partnership with Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote).
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