Video_2019 National Internship Conference

Graduation Event & Alumni Network-2019 National Internship Conference

During the 2019 national internship conference, three of the coordinators of CLUSA gave a speech to local community leaders about how they hold graduation events and build up alumni networks.
One purpose of the graduation celebration, as Lynn Trinh mentioned, is to demonstrate the capability and talents of CLUSA’s young interns to the community leaders, and seek for a long-term partnership with them. “I don’t need to say a word,” Maxwell Trinh said. “Through the discussion panel, (the community leaders) can easily see the growth of our young interns and realize the contribution we’re making to our next generation.” Furthermore, Zihang Wang said that the training program helps bond interns and trainers together as friends, and this relationship established, along with the fun they had with the CLUSA training program, motivated them to come back as volunteers or alumni.
Moderator: Dr. Michael Chang
Speakers: Lynn Trinh, Maxwell Trinh and Zihang Wang
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