Sandy Chau – Coalitions & Collaborations on Dec 3rd


2018 CLUSA Leadership Retreat – Trailer

Leaders from civic engagement organizations around the United States gathered at Ding Ding TV in Santa Clara to share their stories and network with each other. The event was organized by Civic Leadership USA. Organizations represented include APAPA, CLUSA, APALI, UCA and more. CLUSA founder and chair Sandy Chau emphasized the importance of having a sense of urgency in everything we do. “The world is changing. Every day, we have to learn how to survive in this new world.” By adopting and maintaining a sense of urgency, not only are the chances of success higher, but time and resources are saved. CC Yin, the founder of APAPA, sees this event as a historical moment because his generation has paved the way for the current generation to have the opportunities to do the same for the next generation. Everyone’s continued efforts will allow the path to success continue for future generations to come.


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