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Civic Leadership USA | San Mateo County AAPI Task Force
API Coalition | San Mateo County API Caucus

The Civic Leadership USA and San Mateo County Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Task Force are thrilled to announce the inaugural civic leadership forum and quarterly dinner on Friday, August 19th, 2022.

The San Mateo County AAPI Task Force was formed in response to the surge in anti-Asian hate incidences in San Mateo County, including the brutal and unprovoked attack on Millbrae City Council Member Anders Fung that left him with a head and spine injury, as well as two incidences of vandalism to the homes of San Mateo Councilwoman Amourence Lee and Foster City Mayor Richa Awasthi.

This initiative builds on the momentum of the May 1st Summit hosted by the API Coalition and Civic Leadership USA, which gathered over 100 Asian Pacific Islander elected officials from all 5 Bay Area counties for the first time. Speakers, including CA Attorney General, Rob Bonta and Assemblymember Evan Low, and many attendees voiced the need to build regional coalitions to combat anti-Asian hate and increase AAPI civic engagement and representation. The San Mateo County AAPI Task Force is a grassroots response to Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s call to action at the Stop AAPI Hate Town Hall on June 16th. Councilmember Anders Fung said, “God dropped that brick on my head to wake me up, to wake us all up. It’s time for AAPI leaders to organize!”

The San Mateo County AAPI Task Force inaugural dinner and program will include a presentation on AAPI Voter Education & Engagement Best Practices by Christine Chen, co-founder and Executive Director of the Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) and Community Policing: Strategies that Serve & Protect AAPI Communities by San Mateo Police Chief Ed Barberini.

The event marks the official launch of the San Mateo County AAPI Community Directory, a community-generated power map of nonprofit, faith, business and civic leaders in the county. San Mateo City Councilwoman Lee said, “In order to work more effectively together, step one is ‘taking attendance’, so we can inventory our strengths and opportunities.”

Where: San Mateo City Hall | 330 W 20th Ave, San Mateo
When: Friday, August 19th, 2022 @ 5:00 PM

Forum seating is limited and priority given to San Mateo County representatives; please register to reserve your seat here. While we encourage attendance in person, virtual participation is welcome. Please register via Zoom.

About Civic Leadership USA
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering and organizing the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities to create a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders and work in unity.

About San Mateo County AAPI Task Force
A diverse and multi-sector coalition of AAPI-identified leaders in San Mateo County working to build allyship as well as deliver equitable resources and opportunities that promote our security, economic vitality, representation, and civic engagement.

Contact Information
Name | Title: Julia Wu | Director of Marketing and Administration
Email Address:
Contact Number: (650) 669-8936


Hidden Treasures- Special Edition from Oliver Song

This article is written by Oliver Song who attended the Civic Leadership Forum at Ding Ding TV on March 15th 2019

I recently went to this event at a TV station. I listened to different types of heroes. One hero was talking about how he started an organization for homeless people. He cooked breakfast for homeless people. Every Sunday he would make food for the kids that would rarely get food. He would give backpacks, blankets, and other stuff that would help the people through this difficult time of struggle. Another hero talked about how he caught someone with 3 guns on the BART, and 2 robbers. The policemen thanked him over and over again, asking if he wanted anything. The man said no, I reported the person to save people not to earn a reward. Even though these people aren’t heroes like firefighters or superheroes, they still made a difference in the community. That is the definition of a hero someone who helps the community.


Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Xiaoyin Zhang Presentation



Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Diana Ding Presentation


Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Interview – Peter Nguyen



2018 CLUSA Leadership Retreat – Trailer

Leaders from civic engagement organizations around the United States gathered at Ding Ding TV in Santa Clara to share their stories and network with each other. The event was organized by Civic Leadership USA. Organizations represented include APAPA, CLUSA, APALI, UCA and more. CLUSA founder and chair Sandy Chau emphasized the importance of having a sense of urgency in everything we do. “The world is changing. Every day, we have to learn how to survive in this new world.” By adopting and maintaining a sense of urgency, not only are the chances of success higher, but time and resources are saved. CC Yin, the founder of APAPA, sees this event as a historical moment because his generation has paved the way for the current generation to have the opportunities to do the same for the next generation. Everyone’s continued efforts will allow the path to success continue for future generations to come.


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