Hidden Treasures- Special Edition from Oliver Song

This article is written by Oliver Song who attended the Civic Leadership Forum at Ding Ding TV on March 15th 2019

I recently went to this event at a TV station. I listened to different types of heroes. One hero was talking about how he started an organization for homeless people. He cooked breakfast for homeless people. Every Sunday he would make food for the kids that would rarely get food. He would give backpacks, blankets, and other stuff that would help the people through this difficult time of struggle. Another hero talked about how he caught someone with 3 guns on the BART, and 2 robbers. The policemen thanked him over and over again, asking if he wanted anything. The man said no, I reported the person to save people not to earn a reward. Even though these people aren’t heroes like firefighters or superheroes, they still made a difference in the community. That is the definition of a hero someone who helps the community.

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