Rebuilding the Chinese American Moments of 150 Years Ago

During the fifth week of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Webinar Series in May 2021, a webinar titled “Rebuilding the Chinese American Moments of 150 Years Ago” will be offered. Attend the May 29th webinar and hear the artist talk about the inspiration for the Transcontinental Railroad project.

Date & Time : May 29th, 2021 from 8-9 pm (ET)/5-6 pm (PT)

Topic: Rebuilding the Chinese American Moments of 150 Years Ago

Speakers: Ju Li and Qiang Fang

The series of webinars are organized by:
Association of Chinese American for Social Justice (ACASJ)
National Council for Chinese Americans (NCCA)

This week, the featured speaker for #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth, Jay Xu, will discuss “Break the Bamboo Ceiling in Art”.
Date & Time: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 from 8-9 pm (ET)/5-6 pm (PT)
Speaker: Jay Xu, Director and CEO at Asian Art Museum
Topic: Break the Bamboo Ceiling in Art
This webinar is organized by:
Association of Chinese Americans For Social Justice (ACASJ)
APAPA HQ – Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs(APAPA)
National Council for Chinese Americans (NCCA)

The Evolution of Chinese Americans and the “Model Minority”

May is #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth, APAPA HQ – Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs, Association of Chinese American for Social Justice, and National Council of Chinese Americans invite you to take a part in the series of webinars celebrating the achievements and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

The detailed information regarding the second webinar of May:
Date & Time: Saturday, May 8th, 2021 from 8:00-9:00pm (ET)
Topic: The Evolution of Chinese Americans and the “Model Minority”
Speaker: Prof. Min Zhou | Professor of Sociology & Asian American Studies Director of Asia Pacific Center at UCLA


Detailed information:

Questions & Sponsorship:

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association Bay Area Region (BAR) Chapter Leadership Meeting

Civic Leadership Forum – Social entrepreneurship for a better world

Civic Leadership Forum will be on 4th Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival – Social entrepreneurship for a better world“.
The panel is organized by Civic Leadership USA and SVEF, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 2nd, 2019.
Time: 11:00am – 11:40am 
The social entrepreneurship can bring to a community and the world at large, as well as its value to a company’s image and perhaps even the bottom line, can be significant. We would like to invite all of you to come.

Moderator: Chuck Ng, Founding Director of Community, Outreach & Development for Civic Leadership the USA

Lisa Gillmor, Santa Clara Mayor
Anthony C. Ng, Executive Director, CLUSA
C.C. Yin, Founder of APAPA
Margaret Conley, Executive Director of Asia Society Northern California

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For more information:
Register Now!
  Chuck Ng
Lisa Gillmor (2)
Anthony Ng-1 C.C. Yin Margaret Conley

Civic Leadership Forum: How to Run a Successful Campaign

On Jan. 13th, Civic Leadership Forum was organized by APAPA and CLUSA at Ding Ding TV Studio. First-time elected officials shared their campaign experiences with attendees, and it was a great experience to learn from each other.
  • Anthony Ng, Executive Director, Civic Leadership USA
  • Gilbert Wang, Foothill-De Anza Community college Board
  • Andy Li, Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board
  • Rosa Kim, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Jerry Liu, Cupertino Union School District Board
  • Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto, Fremont Union High School District Board
  • Shawn Kumagai, Dublin City Council
  • Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council
  • Sabina Zafar, San Ramon City Council


APAPA Albany Chapter Summary for 12-16-2018 new small

APAPA_2018_12_16 Chapter annual meeting Summary_English (1)

12-16-2018 Volunteers in each subcommittee (1)

How to Run a Successful Campaign


Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 – Gregg Orton Presentation


Civic Leadership Retreat 2018 “FLY TOGETHER”

Over 65 Asian American Leaders from all over the US gathered at the Ding Ding TV facilities in Santa Clara for a day and a half of a very intensive retreat.





The attendees included leaders and representatives from CLUSA, APAPA, 80-20 United, AAUC, UCA, FAPAC, NCAPA, CAYCLI, Ding Ding TV and many other AAPI organizations.


































The participants arrived on Sunday December 2, 2018 at around noon for registration and a welcome lunch.













The sessions officially began at 1:00 PM, led by Facilitators Ana-Marie Jones and Porcia Chen Silverberg.




The CLUSA Founder and Chairman Sandy Chau declared that the “Theme” of this retreat is “FLY TOGETHER”. He explained that “People have always observed that migrating birds fly in a V formation and now scientists understand why”. An article in Science (1-15-2014) explained that these big-winged birds carefully position their wingtips and sync their flapping to catch the updraft from the bird in front—thus saving energy during flight. It makes the flying more efficient as they follow their leaders to their common destination. Furthermore, when one leader gets tired, other leaders take turns to lead the group effort in a coordinated manner.  Sandy urged all present at the retreat to learn from the migrating birds. “If you want to fly fast for a short distance, fly alone; but if you want to reach your common destiny, you must learn to fly together”.



Each leader was given 3-5 minutes to introduce themselves and their organizations, explaining why and how they may fit into the theme of flying together. As there were many leaders, this process took all afternoon and well into the next morning.




After a pretty strenuous first day, the team gathered at the conference hotel Mariani’s Inn & Restaurant for some socializing, net-working and a feast of good wine, Surf and Turf (Alaska King Crab legs and Filet Magnon) and desert. The banquet was enjoyed by all and the group energy filled up to the rafters.





The participants re-gathered at the Ding Ding facilities on Monday morning and took on the tasks of “morning reflection and thoughts” and discussion of “best practice and common grounds”.




The rest of the afternoon was spent on planning for the next steps. On a massive calendar spanning 2019 and leading up to the 2020 Presidential Elections, each leader wrote down the next steps and plans for their own organizations. The facilitators will compile the information and send it to all the attendees. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to work and coordinate with each other.



After a scrumptious dinner of Salmon and Beef Bourguignon, the farewell party began in earnest.




Prize drawing and the inevitable Karaoke session took over the festivities. The retreat came to a crescendo with maestro Sandy Chau leading a resounding chorus of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from “Les Misérables”.









The retreat was a huge success and we want to thank the Facilitators Ana-Marie Jones and Porcia ChenSilverberg, Diana Ding and the entire staff of Ding Ding TV and Anthony Ng, the CLUSA Executive Director for bringing the event together!








Article: From Jowel Wang

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